Deribit Review – 6 Facts to Know About the Crypto Exchange

This Deribit review is brief but it focuses on some of the most important aspects of the exchange. Deribit is a Bitcoin-based trading platform that was established in 2016. It is based in the Netherlands and is a popular name in the crypto space. 

It specializes in trading the flagship cryptocurrency and is known to be a trustworthy and reliable exchange in the crypto market. As a user of the exchange, you can trade BTC options and also benefit from several other remarkable features offered by the platform.  

Even though the Deribit exchange is a popular platform, it is important that you take your time and learn about the features it offers to the users so you can determine if this is a suitable exchange for you or not. Here are some major facts to know about the platform. 

Deribit Review on Anonymous Accounts 

People looking to step into the crypto space sometimes look for an opportunity to open anonymous accounts for several reasons. Not many crypto exchanges support this feature. However, the Deribit exchange allows the users to open accounts that are completely anonymous.  

One of the benefits of opening an anonymous account is that people living in the United States can open their accounts on the exchange (at their own risk), since the platform is not officially recognized in the States. 

Trading from a Single Account 

Another major fact mentioned in this brief Deribit exchange review is that it allows the users to trade in different markets from a single account.  

This means that if you start using the exchange, you can create one account and trade in both the Bitcoin options and futures market with it.  

This is one of the features that is not supported by all exchanges that you come across in the crypto space. Therefore, if trading in different markets is what you are aiming for then this can be a suitable exchange for you. 

Powerful Trading Platform 

As mentioned above in this brief Deribit review, this exchange is a versatile and powerful trading platform. It is Bitcoin-based and offers several benefits to the users. One of the advantages of this exchange is that it processes and executes all trading requests without any delay or system failures. 

Instead, this platform also supports various scalping strategies, which is an appealing aspect for people who want to start scalping, a form of crypto trading. 

Demo Accounts for Beginners 

The Deribit exchange has been built with an innovative mindset, which is why it stands out among other crypto trading platforms in the market. One of the prominent features of the exchange is the option it offers to the beginners to make demo accounts. 

The biggest benefit of being able to create a demo account as a beginner, is that you will be able to test the features offered by the exchange. You can practice trading and analyze other features offered by the exchange, that will give you a clear idea about whether or not it is a suitable exchange for them to use or not. 

Therefore, if you are a new user of the exchange then according to this brief Deribit review you can create a demo account and do a test run on whether it is a suitable exchange for you or not. 

Impressive Fee Structure 

One of the aspects you need to check before choosing any kind of exchange is the fee structure of the platform. Different crypto exchanges offer different kinds of fee that may be similar in nature but vary in terms of the amount charged. Therefore, the exchange that you choose for buying or trading crypto should have a fair and transparent fee structure. 

Fortunately, the Deribit exchange charges one of the lowest service fees in the industry. Here are some of the details you need to know about the fee charged by the exchange before you use it. 

  • $10 flat fee for futures contract 
  • 0.02% makers fee (for futures contract) 
  • 0.05% takers fee (for futures contract) 
  • 0.04% flat fee for Deribit options trading (for both makers and takers) 
  • 0.35% liquidation fee for futures contract 
  • 0.19% liquidation fee for options trading 
  • 0.025% delivery fee for any future contract 
  • 0.02% delivery fee for options trades 
  • No deposit fee 
  • No withdrawal fee 

Trading with Leverage 

This Deribit review also talks about one more major factor, which is leverage trading supported by the exchange. This is a popular form of trading that allows users to borrow funds from the broker and open bigger positions.  

This exchange offers one of the highest leverages in the crypto market, which is up to 100x. 


A Deribit review that talks about all the major aspects of the platform can help you decide if it is a suitable exchange for you or not. If you want to use this exchange, make sure you have the details mentioned above.

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