Kalsubai Trek The Offbeat Destination

Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai is a very famous trek in Maharashtra. It is situated in Maharashtra. It is accessible in both Mumbai and Pune. It is a perfect offbeat destination for tourists to enjoy their journey. A famous Kalsubai Temple is situated in Maharashtra. This trek offers you lots of adventure activities Like- waterfalls, grassland, forest and historic forts. The kalsubai temple blessed people throughout the years. It is a very famous temple in Kalsubai. It is to take blessings from Kalsubai Devi. In this village a girl lived in the mountains named Kalsubai, she helps everybody in their work. She helps people in village activities. One day she left and never returned again. So in her memory a small temple was built in her house named Kalsubai Devi temple on the mountain side peak. It is a very famous can enjoy lots here.

How To Reach In Kalsubai 

Firstly you have to reach Kasara railway station. You can reach Mumbai by road lagat- puri ghoti -bari village. You can take local taxes to reach this trek. Kalsubai trek by Pune  sangamner-Rajar- Bhandarda- Bari . This is a well marked routed trek. This trek is a local guide summit trek. This trek route is very clear, no difficulty Comes under this trek.

Best Time To Visit This Destination

It is a perfect offbeat destination for tourists. You can enjoy lots there with your families and friends. June to August is the best time to visit here. It is the time for the monsoon. If you want to see flowers, you can come in September to October. For night Trekking November to May is the best time for night Trekking. 

Top Places For Tourists To Visit This Trek


It is a very famous trek in Kalsubai. It is located in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It is a very old fort. It is a fort in Ratan Vadi. Most of the people come there to see this fort. This fort is 400 year old. This fort is on the boundary of Ahmednagar and Thana district. 

Sandhan Valley

It is a perfect offbeat destination in Kalsubai trek. You can enjoy lots here. It is famous for nature lovers. Nature lovers can see lots of natural things here. The real beauty of nature can be seen here. It is perfect for rainy days. In the rainy season the view of this place is so good to see. 

Arthur Hill Lake

It is a very famous hill lake in Kalsubai trek. It is situated in Maharashtra.  This lake is so pure and clean. The nature of this trek is so amazing to see. If you love scenery you have to plan this trek and come and enjoy lots here. Artur hill lake is a perfect view destination to enjoy your journey. 

Alang Fort

Alang Fort is a perfect offbeat destination in Kalsubai. Many forts come under Alang fort.  The name of these forts in Nashik Fort, Mandangad Fort, Kulang Fort these are the forts that come under Alang Fort. The view of this fort is so amazing to see.

Difficulty In Kalsubai Trek

This is a very famous trek in Maharashtra. It is a famous tourist spot. Trekking is the best thing to do in this trek. But trekking is not so easy. Climbing mountains is not so easy. Many difficulties come when you start trekking lush green forest, grassland, and high rock climbing. You can take a camping experience on this trek. It is a fun-filled trek. You can enjoy lots of fun there. You can take more experience in camping and Trekking by this trek.

Things To Carry On This Trek

Clothes-You can carry two to three pairs of clothes. It is a winter place so you can carry some jackets and sweaters.

Toiletries-Some Toiletries items you can carry with you- soap, brush, Toilet paper, paste, shampoo e.t.c. 

Torch light-The torch helps you to see at night. Many people travel at night so the torch helps you to see at night.

Food items-Carry food items like Butter, Jam, Bread, Snacks they help you in this trek. 

Trekking And Camping Related Items-You can pick some Trekking items in your bag. These items help you to make your trek easy. It is a wonderful Trekking destination. Some basic camping items you can pack in your bag.

Socks And Shoes-You must carry some extra pair of shoes and socks in your bag. It’s helpful to make your trek easy.

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