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Trek to Kheer Ganga

The trek to Kheer Ganga of emerald inexperienced hills could be a difficult nonetheless fun, 9 metric linear unit, four-hour move slim and difficult trails, thus it’s not for the faint of heart. Though it’s difficult in several aspects, it still stands to be one of the best things to try to do in Kasol and one among the foremost daring things to try to do in Kasol still. Kheer Ganga lies towards the intense finish of Annapurna natural depression, and for the foremost a part of the year, this place are going to be coated in snow and sparsely coated in alternative months, still creating for a slippery cowl and path for anyone walking or trekking here.

This hill could be a witching haven for hippies from everywhere around the globe and over the past few years, has, with success, returned Indians to go to its soil. Once you reach the highest of the Kheer Ganga, you’ll end up within the stunning company of witching clouds, dense and damp because of the weather, pine Associate in Nursingd apple trees right out of fairy tales and cover mountains that provide a virtually spellbinding look to the sky. For the lot of spiritual and therefore the fascinated by Asian country folks, there’s a good looking and mystical temple of Lord Siva with outpouring baths here for you to visualize and luxuriate in.


is that the best plan for a vacation wherever you don’t have to be compelled to do a lot of, merely sit back, relax and let the mountains, pine trees, sensible food and superb folks of the place transport you to an entire completely different world wherever there’s the sound of music within the air from Mother Nature and acquire an opportunity to try to do the exciting things to try and do in Kasol that have created tourists flock towards the place in excited anticipation.

Walk on the Annapurna watercourse

Unlike the loud and voracious water of the Beas watercourse, the Annapurna watercourse provides you a spellbinding read of the stunning Annapurna natural depression and therefore the neighboring forests on each side, with pine trees lofty higher than them. Throughout the monsoon seasons, the waters here cause a steep gradient from wherever the water gushes quickly to make rapids that may send any avid rafter and water sports enthusiast running for his kayak.

To get through to the opposite aspect of the watercourse, you would like to cross a unstable recent picket bridge, that in itself could be a thrill of kinds. fancy the sights of this stunning aquatic pride of Himachal Pradesh as you relax on one among the high boulders on the banks of the watercourse and easily soak up the views.

Head bent on nonsense

Set at Associate in Nursing altitude of roughly 2400 metres, off from the hustle and bustle, nonsense could be a ancient Himachali village in Annapurna natural depression. Visiting nonsense and experiencing the essential culture and way of Himachal Pradesh is definitely among the foremost pleasant Things to try and do in Kasol.

In addition to a couple of homestays, nonsense has some cool cafés that serve a large vary of food things from Israeli cooking because of the sizable flow of Israeli travellers throughout the year. what is a lot of, you’ll be able to conjointly anticipate to enjoying a psychedelic party here.

Location: Annapurna natural depression, Himachal Pradesh

Hot Spring at Manikaran

Located within the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and in shut proximity to Bhuntar and Kasol, Manikaran is that the home to the natural hot springs that ar sacred to the Sikh and Hindu Belief.

The hot springs here ar used for several functions. The pilgrims cook rice as giving to the gods within the hotter springs and take baths within the chillier ponds as they believe the waters here to be holy. a shower and a visit here ar sure enough a number of the most effective things to try and do here.

Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Whenever we tend to hit any new destination, the primary factor we expect of is what to shop for from there thus we tend to take it all back as souvenirs of our time there. And believe it at once that Kasol is a tremendous place to feature a number of the most effective collectibles to feature to your house, memories, and even your wardrobe.

Many markets in Kasol, particularly the one at Bhuntar ar a good place to incorporate on your list of places to travel once the looking bug bites. Collect semi-precious stones, t-shirts, woolens, aromatic oils and sheets, rugs, carpets and far a lot of to feature to your pile from Kasol, thus once you return, you’ll apprehend that there’s some a part of Kasol still with you

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