Edith Cowan University Australia Best University For Every Student

Founded in 1991, Edith Cowan University Australia is among the most prominent higher education institutions in Western Australia. The university offers the ideal learning environment for self-determined individuals who want to reach their maximum potential. Ranked best in the country by international undergraduate students for overall experience. Edith Cowan University Australia completely revamped the way higher education is delivered in an inspiring and unique campus environment.

Courses offered at the university are developed after close consultation with the industry and are taught by proficient teaching staff holding extensive experience and industry networks. Which is why students can expect tremendous placement opportunities, practicums, fieldwork, and networking events during their studies.

What to study at Edith Cowan University Australia in 2022?

Edith Cowan University Australia offers a diverse set of courses ranging from certificate courses to doctoral programs for you to pursue across various disciplines. Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Aviation, Computing, Health Science, Neuroscience, Medical & Biomedical Science, Social Work, and Performing Arts, etc., are some of the most popular courses offered at Edith Cowan University Australia. Based on your interests, you can choose your preferred course to study and excel! However, the following are some of the high-demand, job-ready study options that you can pursue:

1.      Nursing

For international students aiming to permanently migrate to Australia, Nursing is among the ideal choices. This course allows you to undertake several roles in the healthcare industry. Such as in childcare, critical care, mental health, aged care, paediatrics, etc. From both migration and career perspectives, the situation in Australia is also in favour of healthcare professionals. The nursing course offered at Edith Cowan University Australia is accredited by APHRA, ensuring your effortless transition from being a nursing graduate to registered nursing professional.

In addition to that, the course is taught in a simulated environment by instructors with immense industry experience. Edith Cowan University Australia has also partnered up with several hospitals. Both local and metropolitan, allowing students to gain practical experience and skills as a part of their course. Moreover, the bachelor’s course in nursing at Edith Cowan University Australia offers multiple entry points. Allowing students to pursue the program at the end of the 1st or 2nd or 3rd year, depending on their background and work experience.

2.      Cybersecurity

As our lives continue to become increasingly digitalized, the role of cybersecurity becomes crucial and indisputable. Career prospects for cybersecurity graduates are increasing all over the world in areas such as data security and cyber law enforcement in both public and private sectors. There are two Australian universities prominently recognized for their excellence in cybersecurity, with Edith Cowan University Australia being one of them!

The cybersecurity programs at Edith Cowan University Australia are officially recognized by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). And the university also has the honour of having the largest cybersecurity education and research program in the country! This program welcomes international students from a variety of academic backgrounds, which means anyone with a passion for cybersecurity can pursue a successful career in this field.

Moreover, the state-of-the-art infrastructure at Edith Cowan University Australia. Such as the New Security Operations Centre, helps create a learning experience that is identical to the practical work of cybersecurity professionals. The program, being work-integrated, allows you to comprehend the complex principles of cybersecurity and research methods. In addition to in-depth knowledge, cybersecurity courses at Edith Cowan University Australia also focus on the development of critical thinking and project management skills in the students, which prove to be highly beneficial in the workplace.

Scholarships for international students at Edith Cowan University Australia

International Masters Scholarship 2022 International Undergraduate Scholarship International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

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