Ouch! Despite your many precautions to secure your home, your front door has been broken into by a burglar. The first instinct is often to call a locksmith to secure your home again. Warning ! Don’t make this mistake!

Before calling a locksmith


If necessary, immediately object to your bank (stolen bank card or checkbook), your telephone operator (stolen telephone). You will prevent the criminal from being able to (continue to) consume your money in one way or another. A burglary is already expensive enough in repairs! Since you generally cannot get everything reimbursed, for lack of an invoice, for example.

Filing complaint

Do not touch anything: a burglary is, above all, a police matter, which may justify a fingerprinting. A relative must monitor your home without touching anything while filing a complaint. This complaint is necessary so that your insurance can cover the damage to your front door and the theft and material damage occurring inside your accommodation.

Call your home insurance

Only this contact allows you to know how to take the steps with a locksmith with the guarantee of being reimbursed due to burglary. You will have a form to fill out to describe the facts and the damage. Your insurer can itself involve a locksmith within its network of craftsmen. He can also give you the green light to choose your locksmith. In any case, don’t forget to send your insurance company a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within two days of receiving your complaint.

Call a locksmith

Phew! You will finally be able to be repaired by a locksmith. This can intervene to make your front door usable and secure again. The work may consist of replacing the front door and its frame. Is there a panel or facing to replace, glass or not, are the hinges still well aligned and resistant?

Every detail counts so that your locksmith Tampa offers you the best quote. He will choose the option giving you the best value for money.

The additional services are to be carried out in stride.

While your locksmith is there, he can perform additional services to repair the damage caused by the burglary. You are installing an armored door, changing locks, making additional sets of keys. In short, ask him to do what will be best for your front door to be as secure as possible.

The visit of an expert

As strange as it may seem, the expert often comes by once your door is repaired. His arrival is nevertheless essential: he allows you to see what has been stolen or not. Its role is in particular to avoid any abuse (insurance scam). We can only advise you not to change places, as much as possible, while waiting for him to pass. It can take… weeks!

Compensation / Reimbursement after burglary

Did your insurance agree with your claim for compensation following a burglary? You will be able to receive reimbursement for the intervention of the locksmith global compensation to compensate you for all the costs incurred by the theft or breakage once you have complied with the clauses of your insurance contract.

Generally, the amount received is lower than the actual damage, the goods are estimated to be second-hand, and certain invoices cannot be presented. In the end, the compensation will probably not allow you to equip yourself as you were (television, new door, new lock, replacement of jewelry, and other valuables).

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