Some interesting beaches in Phuket to visit

Welcome to Phuket! We have been living on this island of Thailand for 4 years and in this guide, we want to show you some interesting beaches that we have been discovering over time. So, now you know, prepare your visa to Thailand and come and enjoy your Phuket holidays!

Phuket Island has more than 40 recognized beaches and they vary greatly from one side of the coast to the other. On the west side are crystal clear waters, and on the east side there are mainly mangroves and shallow areas. The landscape of the beaches varies greatly depending on the tides, leaving in some bays, more than 200 meters of sand uncovered.

Upon the arrival in 2014 of the military regime to the government. The army dismantled the mafias of umbrellas and hammocks that did not leave even a free space to enjoy the beaches and demolished restaurants that were very close to the coast. For more than a year, you could enjoy these beaches that were almost virgin again. Finally, with the passage of time and several negotiations, it was agreed to re-legalize umbrellas and hammocks with certain conditions, they can only cover a maximum of 10% of the beach with their services. Lifeguards have also been included on the most tourist beaches throughout the year to increase safety. There are still many problems with this theme but most of the time, they are there. Among the beaches that we like the most are the following:

Nai Harn Beach

This is our favorite beach in Phuket. Mainly it is because it is a few minutes from our house and also the water is usually quite transparent. Not in vain has it been part of the top 25 of the best beaches in the world on TripAdvisor on occasion. Nai Harn is located on the south west coast of the island and only has 3 large hotels nearby, so it is usually a little less crowded than the beaches in the center.

Rawai Beach

Rawai beach is traditionally for fishermen, mostly made up of an ethnic group known as the “Sea Gypsy” or “the gypsies of the sea”. There you can find about a hundred boats of all kinds, mainly the long tail boats that are so famous in Thailand.

Koh Bon

Bon Island is located just 10 minutes by boat from Rawai beach. You can spend the day enjoying the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches without worrying about food as there is also a restaurant on the island. What you cannot do is go from one beach to the other on foot! So unless you have agreed with the captain of the boat that brings you, prepare to dive and, if you dare, even cross the jungle. But it’s worth it…

Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka is a bit hidden beach located near Rawai beach. Once past the SeaShell Museum you have to turn where the Laem Ka Restaurant sign is, in front of the temple and on the way you will find a giant coconut palm plantation. There is a fence at the end and it may not even be open in low season. It is the only beach on the east coast where you can really swim and offers beautiful views of Koh Bon and Coral Island. Also, right next door in Laem Ka Noi, there is a small Thai restaurant.

So, would you now visit the paradise?

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