Australian scholarships for Pakistani students – Brief guide

Scholarships for Students

International students are eligible for a variety of scholarships in Australia. Scholarships are awarded mainly based on merit, and students must demonstrate their eligibility for the scholarship they are applying for. There are no eligibility requirements for Australian scholarships. The IELTS is the only exam that students must take to show their English language skills. There are various Australian scholarships for Pakistani students offered by the Australian government.

Australia Awards Initiative

There are several Australian scholarships for Pakistani students. Under the Australia Awards Initiative, the Australian government has made a variety of study and research awards accessible to candidates across the Asia Pacific area, including Pakistan. Over 19,000 persons will receive awards over five years to pursue study, research, or professional development.

Institution specific scholarships

Universities offer scholarships under their names. Please check the Scholarships database for information about university scholarships. Here you can discover the most up-to-date, credible, and searchable list of all scholarship programs offered by Australian institutions that are available to overseas students studying or planning to study in Australia, specifically, Australian scholarships for Pakistani students.

International Centers of Excellence Scholarships

The Australian Government’s International Centres of Excellence initiative aims to develop, promote, and endorse Australia’s excellence in five core areas: Water Resource Management, Asia Pacific Studies, Tourism and Hospitality, Mathematics, and Sports Science.

The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management (ICEWARM) and the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality (THE-ICE) has announced several scholarships for international students interested in studying Tourism and Hospitality or Water Resource Management at one of their member institutions. They also provide Australian scholarships for Pakistani students.

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Aid awards scholarships for each academic year as part of a commitment by the Australian Government to Pakistan’s human resource development. They have a huge variety of Australian scholarships for Pakistani students.

Endeavor scholarships

The Endeavour Programme is an initiative by the government of Australia that brings together all of the Department of Education’s overseas scholarships under one roof. These awards, which are divided into three categories: Endeavour Professional, Endeavour Research, and Endeavour Study, will allow scholars and professionals from around the world to study, research, or professional development in Australia for a short or long period, as well as enable Australians to do the same in some of the countries. There are many Australian scholarships for Pakistani students by the Australian government.

Endeavor Awards include:

  • Endeavour Research Fellowships
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Awards
  • Endeavour VTE Awards
  • Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
  • Endeavour Executive Awards.

Under the Endeavour initiative, all international students from certain countries, including Pakistan, are eligible for these awards as they offer many Australian scholarships for Pakistani students. Don’t hesitate to contact our counselors for further information regarding the application process.

Besides this, there are specific awards and Australian scholarships for Pakistani students that are accessible specifically to Pakistani citizens.

Pakistan Research Fellowships allow top Pakistani researchers to do short-term postgraduate or postdoctoral research in Australia.

The Endeavour Pakistan Executive Awards provide opportunities and Australian scholarships for Pakistani students who are high-achieving professionals in business, government, education, and industry to pursue professional development at an Australian counterpart institution or organization.

Are you eligible to receive a scholarly grant?

While one could argue that scholarships and bursaries are open to anyone, it is of high importance to understand that these grants require certain criteria to be met before being endowed. Through a decent amount of research and inquiry, you can learn all the essential basis of scholarships and bursaries at your desired university or in your specific subject area, along with their standards of eligibility.  

However, there has been an increasing number of “open-to-all” scholarships granted by companies looking for student engagement on their brands without considering your place or field of study. This means that although every student will not have the fortune to receive a scholarship, there will at least be scholarships that every student can apply for.

Bottoms Line

Endeavour Pakistan Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) Awards allows Pakistani students to pursue technical and vocational education at an Australian institution at the Diploma or Advanced Diploma level (public and private providers) and provide various Australian scholarships for Pakistani students.

For further details and application procedures, please sign up and contact one of our experts at Times Course Finder.

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