Medical universities in Australia – Must read the guide

Medical universities in Australia offer degrees at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. While just a few colleges provide undergraduate medical degrees, most of them offer a master’s degree in medicine, which students must earn to pursue a career in medicine. Most medical universities in Australia now offer undergraduate degrees in health-related fields (public health, biomedicine, and science).

As with medicine courses worldwide, medical degrees in Australia take longer than most other degrees, usually between four and six years.

Most of the medical universities in Australia require prospective students to take the UCAT (undergraduate admissions test) or the GAMSAT (graduate admissions test) (for postgraduate students). Check with your preferred university to determine if either of these tests and the pass marks are required for acceptance.

List of best medical universities in Australia:

1.      University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Medical School, one of the oldest medical universities in Australia, is part of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences. It is well-known for its health research, which spans all primary medical specialties and strongly emphasizes rural health.

With 1,500 academic personnel, 4,000 honorary employees, and 1,500 graduate researchers, the Faculty of Dentistry, Medicine, and Health Sciences is Australia’s most prominent biomedical research faculty.

2.      University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of the known medical universities in Australia offering the doctor of medicine program, which is a four-year program for graduates with a bachelor’s degree. It’s worth mentioning that there are several exceptions for high school graduates who have excelled academically. In such instances, students can pursue a seven-year double-degree program that combines an MD with a bachelor’s degree.

Indigenous health and interprofessional teamwork are two of the topics from eight themes. Students spend a day in a week at one of the university’s clinical schools in their first year, and by year two, placements account for half of their time.

3.      Monash University

The Monash University stands as one of the leading medical universities in Australia. Monash University’s school of medicine is offering a master’s medicine program for students looking to pursue a career in the field of medicine. It is considered as one of the best medical universities in Australia where students will study for one year before working in clinical settings in Melbourne and rural Victoria for the next three years.

Monash University’s undergraduate medical degree is a five-year curriculum with straight enrollment from high school. Undergraduate students can also pursue a bachelor of medical science (honors) degree, a one-year program that leads to additional studies in medicine.

The medical school’s research faculty has contributed to advancements in Alzheimer’s disease, IVF, cancer, and other infectious diseases.

The Monash Medical Centre is a 640-bed teaching and research hospital. That serves the greater community with specialized surgical, medical, and mental health services.

4.      The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland stands amongst the best medical universities in Australia. The doctor of medicine program at this university is a four-year postgraduate degree. (School leavers who are accepted for provisional admission must complete their first degree at the institution within the program’s minimum time frame.)

The first year is spent learning theory, interacting with patients, and conducting clinical research. The following two years of the program build on these abilities. And include clinical internships that give students a taste of urban and rural Queensland.

Two research-intensive schools, three clinical medical schools, and five hospital-based institutes and centers make up the University of Queensland.

5.      UNSW Sydney

There are several medical universities in Australia, and UNSW Sydney is one of them. School leavers can apply to UNSW Sydney for a six-year double degree in bachelor of medical studies/doctor of medicine. Alternatively, a variety of master’s degrees and flexible and online choices are available to assist with specialization.

Undergraduate options, such as a bachelor’s degree in international public health, are also available for student. Who want to work in a health-related field but not necessarily a physician.

There are five rural clinical school locations and select-entry programs for rural and indigenous students at the university.

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