Dental Instruments and Their Purpose

Dentistry has always been considered an extremely important part of an individual’s health. However, not many people take their oral health seriously. What they don’t know is that our mouth is the gateway for all other diseases, be it acute or chronic. Thus, it is important to create awareness regarding oral health and oral diseases that lead to systemic conditions. There are many different procedures to help patients alleviate their symptoms, the most common of which is dental scaling and polishing. It is one of the simplest and painless procedures in dentistry.

The dental instrument used for it is an ultrasonic scaler to which the tip is connected to remove the stains and calculus which are the hardened deposits of plaque. Once the procedure is done, the teeth are polished to make the surfaces smooth. Another instrument that is mainly used in oral surgery is a periotome, it helps to remove the tooth with minimal harm to the surrounding bone and ligaments. Dental tools must be of great quality to improve the experience of not only the dentist but also the patient. Acheron Instruments is one of the companies that provide good quality dental instruments to various hospitals and clinics in the country.

If we talk about the very basics of dental checkups, it starts with a diagnosis that involves oral examination. For oral inspection, an examination set is used that consists of a dental mirror, periodontal probe and tweezer. A dental mirror as the name suggests is used to examine the mouth with good vision. A periodontal probe is used to check for pocketing, fillings, cavities etc. The tweezer helps to place and remove small objects from the mouth. After the diagnosis, the dentist decides on the procedure to overcome the complaint. If there is a cavity that needs to be cleared up and a filling or root canal is indicated further, then the dental burs are used.

Dental burs are used to clean up the cavity and to make space for the filling of the tooth. Dental burs come in various shapes like diamond, round, fissured, tapered, needle etc. All these have different purposes. If the diagnosis made suggests extraction, then dental forceps and other surgical instruments are used. Dental forceps are particularly used to clamp the tooth or to retract and stabilize the oral tissues.

Other dental instruments that hold importance in clinical dentistry include gates glidden, retractors, local anesthesia, excavators, syringes, endodontic files, elevators, orthodontics and prosthodontic instruments etc. Gates glidden is exclusively used for endodontic treatments like root canals. It helps to shape and open up the canals. It possesses certain characteristics that make it an ideal instrument for use in endodontics, it has a high cutting ability, easy handling and is cost-effective. Hence, gates glidden has proven to be the best for root canal treatments.  All dental instruments are an essential part of any dental treatment therefore it is important to make sure that the sterilization process is efficient and proper protocols are followed.

The instruments are usually sterilized at 121 degrees Celsius to kill all the living bacteria on them. This is the reason why dental tools must be cleaned appropriately to ensure patients’ safety and build a rapport. It is one of the most important factors to acquire patients and increase traffic by being transparent to the patients. Numerous companies in Pakistan provide high-quality surgical instruments including dental tools. The instruments are exported to other countries and are considered to be the finest in quality worldwide. In Pakistan, the city of Sialkot is renowned for the manufacturing of dental instruments.

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