How to build a log cabin step by step

How to build a log cabin step by step

How to easily draw a log cabin with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Drawing lessons for beginners and everyone. Also read princess drawing

Step 1

Start by pulling the cabin roof. First, draw a large parallelogram – a rectangle whose small sides are tilted in the same direction. Draw a line on the opposite diagonal of its top point. Draw an inverted “V” between this line and the parallel scroll. Make the “V” at the lines in the corners. Draw a line parallel to the base of the parallelogram and connect it to the corners.

Step 2

Pull the chimney, and wipe as needed. Place a rectangle on the ceiling. Next to it is a trapezoid wrap. Draw parallel lines of vertical lines of these two shapes and connect them to the ends. Then close the sub-rectangles around the chimney to identify the bricks.

Step 3

Drag the logs for the cabin. Draw an unlimited number of straight, horizontal, parallel lines. Connect them with a curved line on one side and a small oval on the other.

Step 4

Drag the logs to the other side. Again, use parallel lines, ending at the small curved lines.

Step 5

Pull the ends of the logs that make up the cab’s rear wall. Extend the lines and connect them with the small eggs. Attach the ceiling to the wall with a small straight line.

Step 6

Pull the eggs. Place the parallel symbol in front of the cabin. Draw parallel lines on both sides of it and connect them with small lines. Make a small rectangle at the bottom of each corner. Draw a vertical line for each line and connect them with a short line. Finally, wrap the rectangular foundation under the sidewalls of the cabin.

Step 7

Drag the door, and wipe as needed. Place a rectangle in front of the cabin. Draw two small rectangles on one side of the face to indicate occupation. Use curved lines to close the door handle.

Step 8

Make a window on the sidewall; remove as needed. Wrap one rectangle in the other.

Step 9

Lay the shingles on the roof by making overlapping “U” shaped lines.

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