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If you have recently gotten an mp3 music player you probably want to know one thing, how to run it through your car or home radio. In the beginning, this was only possible with the old cassette converter like you had with the Walkman. Problem is those do not work well in a CD player, which is standard in newer cars. What you will need is an mp3 transmitter Fm frequency. This unit will allow you to play all your favorite songs through your mp3 player car or home radio. There are several different kinds available on the market so below you will find a little about each mp3 player. Some models will be compatible with the memory card for your mp3 cd player. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter, insert the memory card and tune your radio to one of the preset stations on the converter. This device will then play the songs from your MPs player through your car mp3 speakers. It also has the ability to plug directly into your digital mp3 players headphone port and transmit music directly from it.

Many varieties will have no memory card function and will only allow you to play what is currently on your digital mp3 player. An mp3 transmitter FM of this variety can come in all shapes, sizes and compatibility. The iPod is by far the most popular mp3 player on the market and therefore many of the accessories are made exclusively for them. Be sure to check the device for compatibility with your brand of player. The most all-inclusive mp3 transmitter is the complete all in one car kit. This kit will come with a holder for your mp3 player, connections for charging and the FM transmission capability. Once installed on your vehicle you will have a safe place to hang your iPod or other mp3 player and be able to charge it at the same time.

Consumers should be cautious when purchasing an mp3 unit, they are not all created the same. Some will only work with a specified brand and could actually damage your mp3 player. If you are technologically challenged you may need some assistance in choosing the right unit. To protect yourself and your mp3 player it is advisable to take it into a retail shop to find the right model. Once you know, exactly what will and will not work you can feel free to purchase your device online.

Today is the day, the day before Christmas and you are staring out the window into the cold weather. All you can see is the shed that is only a few feet away from your snow-covered house. It’s snowing harder than it was the day before and it seems you are going to be stuck at home for the rest of the night. You sit there wondering what to do, your family is out shopping for mp3 players for their children and grandchildren. Again, you are left out in the cold, literally. You have nowhere to go, and you think to yourself, “Seriously… I could be listening to music tonight instead of being so bored!”.

You are sitting on the couch later that night, cold and alone. The electricity is out, making it so that the lights on the monumental Christmas tree will not turn on. You can’t turn on the television or even listen to music on the radio. All you have in your hand is a cell phone, which you can’t even use to make outgoing calls. So, you lay down on your queen-sized mattress, falling into a deep sleep. Here you are free, free of all of the problems in your life. You can hear music in the background, it sounds like some sweet melody from Beethoven. Nothing can harm you; you are at peace with the world… but suddenly you hear a slam on your front door. Startled, you walk out of your room, down the stairs, past the Christmas tree, and stare at the front door.

Again, SLAM! You can’t tell if it is nighttime or morning. So, you approach the door with caution. Your hand reaches for the doorknob when once again, SLAM! You jump back and think to yourself, “What in the world?! Who could be at my front door at this time of night?!”, and then you simply open the door. It’s your neighbor. Your neighbor then responds, “Hey! Remember last Christmas? The one that I forgot to give you a gift?”, you nod and they continue, “I saw you sitting on your porch last month, rocking back and forth as if you were listening to something. I noticed you didn’t have an mp3 player so…”, he takes out a box wrapped in velvety laces and hands it to you and walks away without saying another word…

Today is Christmas. You have placed the gift your neighbor handed you under the Christmas tree, the snow has calmed and you can see past the shed that was only a few feet away from your window. You’re quiet, there is only one gift under your Christmas tree, the gift from the neighbor. Sadly, none of your family could come over last night, Christmas Eve. You stare at the gift… and then you start to tear and tear at the small box wrapped in velvety lace! Once the box is out of the wrapping, which has covered the floor around your tree, you stare in amazement at what is before you! Your neighbor, so kind, so knowledgeable, has given you an mp3 player! Not just any mp3 player but a touch screen mp3 player. You are just astonished and call all of your family to tell them about the touch screen mp3 player you have just received. Now you can listen to music wherever you go.

Now, you’re walking down the street, you have an mp3 player in your hands and headphones in your ears. You don’t have to think anymore, you are in a state of bliss. As you walk down the street you see a bench. You simply take a seat and rock back and forth listening to the calm melody by Beethoven. After an hour passes, which seemed like days, you stand and walk towards your house. As you walk into the house you find that the electricity is out. You can’t watch television or listen to the radio. All you have in your hand is your cell phone which can’t make outgoing calls and your mp3 player. Believe it or not… for the first time in a long time you are actually happy. You feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can pull you down. Then you fall back into the music, listening to a simple melody by your favorite artist, happy and calm.

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