Why shibori tie and dye are the hottest prints among the saree lovers 

The tie and dye on the sarees are the latest experiments that you will find in the fashion industry. These fantastic tie and dye pattern on the 6-yard-long fabric always looks fabulous. This beautiful colorful saree with each one of the other comes with beautiful designs that can be easily found in every girl’s closet these days. The people who did not know much about this tie and dye prints and art. You might be curious how these beautiful prints are incorporated into the fantastic fabric. No matter what event you are attending, match with anything. 

Why are tie and dye saree so popular? 

One of the most important factors which differentiate the tie and dye from other styles and print is their beautiful appeal. The tie and dye saree comes with a fantastic color palette that makes them wearable to any occasion or event. 

The shibori tie and dye and bandhani tie and dye are the oldest tie and dye techniques still practiced and popular in India. If we look at the past, the tie and dye technique is among the most senior tie and dye techniques still practiced on the fabric. The clothes are tied or folded tightly, later soaked into the colorful dye to form unique patterns. 

Check out the brand who are specialized in selling tie and dye saree in India. 

Kutchi Bazaar 

Kutchi bazaar is the best tie and dye saree seller in India. The brand is initially resided in the Kutch region of Gujarat. You can buy shibori print saree online design collection from them. The saree comes with a beautiful vibrant mix of hues, making them simply unique. The saree comes with a mesmerizing design that has a beautiful hassle-free effortless style. 

The tie and dye saree at the Kutchi bazaar comes in different collections ranging from organized silk, georgette, cotton and chiffon. You will find the use of colors with the beautiful pattern utterly pleasing to the eyes. 


Tifli is another Indian brand dealing with the fantastic tie and dye saree. If you love the bling of the Holi festival, you must check out the gorgeous range of tie and dye sarees from the tifli. The saree comes with beautiful embellishment, using the Chanderi cotton silk and silk organza. The color combination of tie and dye patterns on the saree are worth checking out. 


The next brand where you can get the beautiful tie and dye saree is Swatantra. The tie and dye saree from Swantantra are lightweight and breezy and come with fantastic finishing work. The softness and sheer of the saree are amazing, and which is easy to drape during the occasion of any festival. You can accessories this saree with a beautiful handmade leather bag. The leather bag gives glam to your complete outfit by providing the perfect, minimal festival vibe. 

All three brands are specialized in selling different types of tie and dye saree in India. But the Kutchi bazaar has much more influence due to its variety and quality. If you love wearing the tie and dye saree and are confused with where to buy them, you can visit their website Kutchi bazaar.com. They are various forms of tie and dye sarees that are still made using the hands of the artisans. 

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