How to choose E-bikes for tours and holidays

Spending a holiday in the fresh air, traveling at a slower pace and letting the landscape go by – e-bikes make this idea accessible to all riders of every fitness level. You don’t have to be an endurance pro to keep up with the group on longer stages. In terms of fitness, you will still get your money’s worth, because the e-bike also requires some personal strength.

High-quality trekking e-bikes

There is a clear recommendation for all ambitious touring e-bikers: high-quality trekking e-bikes with good equipment. Trekking e-bikes are designed for long- lasting comfort and are comfortable on all routes. They are usually sturdy and can easily be outfitted with accessories and pouches.

Gravel e-bikes/e-mountain bikes

If your e-bike tour takes on the character of a wild expedition, other e-bikes may be a better fit. Thanks to modern packing systems, you can also load gravel e-bikes and e-mountain bikes with enough luggage to camp one or more nights at the foot of the mountain or in the forest. Bikepacking is the name of this increasingly popular trend. It turns your e-bike holiday into a real adventure on two wheels.

E-mountain bikes

If the mountain is calling you and you’re looking for that extra portion of thrill on the trail , then you should definitely go in the direction of e-mountain bikes. E-MTBs have a huge range of uses. From cross bikes suitable for touring to sporty enduro bikes to full-suspension downhill e-bikes for fast descents, the decision is often difficult: How much everyday suitability should it be, how much stress does the bike have to withstand?

Which e-bike is the best?

No e-bike is up to absolutely every situation. Although trekking bikes are versatile, they are less suitable for long commutes than commuter bikes, are not as agile in city traffic as urban e-bikes as G-Force T42 and cannot withstand all mountain trails like high-quality e-MTBs. The latter are excellent on the mountain, but depending on the model, they are not very suitable for touring. Gravel e-bikes can also be ridden on almost any surface, but if you go over hill and dale for several hours, you will also be shaken up quite a bit. It is therefore important that you first limit the area of ​​use of your e-bike. What is most important to you and how versatile should your e-bike be? By first narrowing down your “field,” you can delve further into the different possibilities within the species. An e-bike cannot always be clearly assigned to a specific type. Within the respective categories there is usually a fairly wide range and the transitions are fluid. We have therefore written our own guides for you for the individual categories.

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