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Outdoor space trends in San Antonio, TX

Beaming Texas sun and outdoor living define summer in San Antonio, Texas. Thinking about how you can upgrade your outdoor living experience? Look no further for our top outdoor space trends for 2022.

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Hillbilly Pools

Our first outdoor living element that is trending in San Antonio, Texas is the addition of hillbilly pools (also known as cowboy pools). These are swimming pools created from stock tanks that offer true southern charm, and the cooling feeling you need on hot summer days. Hillbilly swimming pools are also a much more cost-effective option than traditional backyard pools.

Get Cooking

The next outdoor space trend for 2022 is adding an outdoor kitchen space. With outdoor living being a true extension of your home experience, adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add property value, and enjoy your patio more this summer. Consider adding fun features such as a wine refrigerator or a pizza oven. Make the outdoor kitchen your own so you can BBQ like a champ in your own backyard.

Vertical Gardening

Next up on our Texas trending list are vertical gardens. Gaining in popularity for their aesthetic appeal, vertical gardens are a great way to save space in your San Antonio outdoor space, while still offering the functionality of an edible garden. As the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, you can easily pick herbs and veggies to serve alongside your favorite dishes. Consider creating your vertical garden by hanging planter boxes or using a ladder to create a one-of-a-kind look.

High-Tech Additions

As technology integrates into every aspect of our lives, why not add it into your outdoor living experience? Consider adding a projector for family fun outdoor movie nights. Integrate your patio with Bluetooth speakers to keep the music going outside. Add solar lighting for the evening ambiance guests will adore. San Antonio is known for fun celebrations outdoors in the later hours when the sun has subsided. Adding technology to your outdoor space will bring it from drab into current times.

Furniture Revamp

Outdoor furniture makes outdoor living feel like a true extension of your home. There are some trending styles in San Antonio and beyond to consider integrating for a modern, 2022 flare to your space.

  • Curved edges and rounded designs
  • Natural materials such as wicker, rattan, or recycled composites
  • Sectionals with a flexible footprint to easily rearrange to fit your needs
  • Furniture with pops of fun color
  • Mixed materials for a contrasting look

We hope you’ve found these 2022 outdoor trends in San Antonio, Texas inspiring. Outdoor living enhances your home and brings you and your family out into nature. An upgraded space ensures you utilize every square foot your San Antonio oasis has to offer.

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