Things You Should Know About GMAT Exam Fees And Date 

Do you need to kick-start your career in the business management domain? If yes, you should learn the MBA program from a recognized college. GMAT is an entrance exam that accesses the skill of a candidate. In this entrance exam, the student attends different topics such as verbal, analytical writing, reading, and quantitative. You can learn about the GMAT exam fees and syllabus in this post. 

This entrance exam helps you to obtain admission into the management program. It consists of four sections integrated reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative and verbal reasoning. The candidate needs to attend to all questions to crack the exam. Besides, the GMAT exam has a feature that offers excellent individual flexibility to modify their experience by selecting any section they feel convenient taking the entrance exam. 

GMAT entrance exam fees

GMAT exam cost is 275 dollars, and if the candidate needs to change the exam center or reschedule the exam date, they should pay extra money. The total fee will be charged to applicants who do not appear for the entrance exam.

  • Personal has to pay 150 dollars if you want to change the test date before the test date. You should pay fifty dollars if you need to change the exam over sixty days before the appointment. Those who want to reschedule the test fifteen days before to test date pay a hundred dollars. 
  • GMAT Cancelling fee and refund amount can differ based on the number of days before the exam date you cancel the examination. Those who cancel the exam fourteen days before the exam will change two hundred dollars and be refunded fifty dollars. 
  • Remember, you cannot be able to cancel the exam within twenty-four days of the scheduled exam. You can pay the GMAT exam fee online securely from your mobile phone. 

GMAT examination dates

GMAT exam does not have a fixed date, meaning the candidate can select any data per their availability. If you fail to crack the entrance exam, don’t worry, you can retake it after sixteen days. Remember, a person can appear for the GMAT exam at least five times yearly. It is advised to register for the entrance exam two to three months before the next GMAT exam date. 

While registering by phone or online, the candidate can obtain registration one day before the examination. Registering for the GMAT exam early is safe, and you can set a schedule to prepare for the exam. Besides, the coaching center recommends that students register early because it enables them to have an extended period to prepare

Why you should join GMAT coaching 

The GMAT coaching class is the best way to boost your reasoning and verbal skills. After every class, they offer a feedback forum. The student can post their queries online, and the tutor can clarify their doubt as quickly as possible. With the help of the proper guidance and conceptual practice, you can crack the examination easily. The instructor pays attention to every student and creates a customized schedule to provide the best coaching.  

On the other hand, GMAT coaching combines mock tests, assessments, videos, and simple practice questions. It evaluates the capability of candidates and tracks their daily performance. Therefore, the candidate can handle their study timetable and focus on their weak subjects. The tutor teaches the new technique to solve all questions so students can be interested in the exam preparation. 

Need to crack the GMAT exam? Join coaching class 

Would you like to score a good mark on the GMAT entrance exam? If yes, you can join the best GMAT classroom Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd is the best institute to learn for various entrance exams. We have certified tutors to provide the best coaching for students.  In addition, the instructor explains the GMAT exam pattern, date, and cost for students. You can gain your skill by attending online classes and cracking the exam effortlessly. We also provide a cost-effective online and traditional GMAT coaching class.

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