In the US, you can open a company without a personal presence. This procedure can be performed without you.

But to open a corporate account, you often need to be present. As we know very well, obtaining  a visa to the United States  is not so easy, and with the advent of COVID, it has become even more difficult. Often at the time of company registration, many of our clients do not have a visa to open a bank account on their own. And we decided to help you with this.

Now we can open bank accounts through our corporate secretary, which greatly simplifies this procedure and brings the American market even closer to you. In addition, options for remote account opening in US banks are available – contact our experts for details (consultation order form at the bottom of the page).


The United States has built a clear legislative framework in the field of corporate law.

Recall that US law is based on precedent, which means that we have established practices, understandable legislation and predictable regulation.

For example, if you register a corporation in Delaware, you are guided by the Delaware General Corporation Law, which is more than 100 years old, which adds confidence to business owners.


In order for your business to develop and make a profit, your services and goods must be bought and in demand. The US has one of the highest wealth in the entire world, which means that the society is solvent. Also, the US population has a high work ethic, which has resulted in highly developed entrepreneurship.

According to the data of the international insurance company COFACE, the growth of the US global economy in 2021 will be 5.6%. This is a country that, after quarantine restrictions since last summer, is recovering faster than most financial analysts expected.


The American tax system is very flexible, but at the same time strict. In case of late payment of taxes, the company is subject to penalties.

When choosing a state to register a company, you get acquainted with the tax system of this state and choose where the most favorable conditions for doing business are.

Recall that the  United States has a three-tier system of taxation : Federal taxes, taxes at the state level, as well as local taxes. We recommend registering a company in one of the states such as Delaware, Florida or Wyoming. They are the most attractive for the main part of entrepreneurs to start a business.


  • The income tax rate in these states is either non-existent (Wyoming) or lower than in others.
  • Florida, for example, is one of the most popular states for foreign entrepreneurs due to the ease of starting and maintaining a company.
  • These states have a strong legal framework (Delaware) to protect the interests of the founders/shareholders. This state is especially relevant for owners of corporations.


Many business owners are reluctant to disclose information about their business in their home country for a variety of reasons. The USA is the ideal country for this. The USA does not take part in the automatic exchange of financial data with other countries, it works according to its individually created FATCA system.

In fact, it will be very difficult for the tax authorities in your country to know about your activities in the US. Over time, this may change, but at the moment the realities show just such a picture.


These are the main important points for business owners when registering a company abroad. And as described above, the United States has something to attract entrepreneurs to open and develop their business. And to do these things learn business first and you need bsb50120 diploma of business.

If you have read this information and are thinking about starting a business in the USA, we will be happy to help you. After all, we have the necessary experience that will help bring your business to a new international level. Our team will take care of the security of your business and offer the most correct and profitable options.

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