How to Sign Up for Email Without a Phone Number?

Many email providers provide free email services to users without asking for phone numbers. 

These emails are suitable for those users who don’t want to share their personal information or want a temporary email service or don’t want any notification on their device from the email service provider.

The list of such email that doesn’t require phone number is given below:


When the user wants an email that doesn’t require phone number, is one of the best.

Features are: 

  • It has Attachments: 30MB, 
  • Storage Space: 65 GB 
  • Easy signup options; Username, Password, Alternative email address, security question.
  • It has two-factor authentication, 
  • Can be operated on any device,
  • It is free of cost and quick service.


Tutanota Mail is an email without phone number.

Features are:

>Storage space: 1 GB only

>Has additional levels of security

>No ads on this webmail page

>It is free of cost but also has premium packages for additional benefits.


GMX (Global Mail eXchange) mail is best known as German email that doesn’t require phone number,

Features are:

  • 50MB attachments,
  • Alternate email for sign-up,
  • Enough storage space for users,
  • Restricted limit on sending emails per day
  • One time Email service


It provides great email services and one of the best features is that it is an email without phone number.

Other features are:

  1. Storage space of 500 MB only
  2. Email sending limit per day only 150-180 emails per day
  3. It doesn’t provide any encryption
  4. Users may face ads popping on the mail


Mailfence is also an email that doesn’t require phone number, hence users have now got many options to choose from.

These webmail services are used by users for many different purposes.

Features are:

>Storage space: 500MB

>Need an Alternative Email for signing up, since doesn’t require mobile number

>Provides encryption to its users

>No disturbance from ads popping on the screen

>Also has no tracking feature


When users want to know which email does not require phone number, is one of them. It is a Latvian company, that provides free one-time email for its users.

It has great features such as 

>20 GB: Huge storage space

>Has lots of ads, 

To know more about which email does not require phone number users can visit the Onlinehubb website. 

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