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Meet the New and Advanced Techfriar!

The leading IT company has undergone a new makeover lately. From a new logo to more advanced services, Techfriar is ready to create new success stories in the tech realm. The extended service offerings include MVP, eCommerce, and Web3 app development along with effective staff augmentation. The team believes that, with these additional services, they can help their clients become technologically advanced to face the new world challenges.  

Techfriar’s bespoke services are aimed at helping start-ups, enterprises, and other organizations to put their services on the map. The tech geeks and enthusiasts at Techfriar build secure, stable, and reliable web platforms, applications, Shopify, and full stack solutions. Avail trending blockchain technology and get custom eCommerce development and more digital services from Techfriar. 

The period from 2022 to 2030 is expected to witness a growth in blockchain at a rate of 85.9%.

Techfriar offers blockchain consulting services, allowing organizations to leverage this disruptive technology. Businesses get access to professional assistance to help bring their visions into reality. These consulting services help clients easily tackle projects dealing with DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more.

Techfriar specializes in offering scalable Web3 app solutions allowing clients to get the best of blockchain services and transform their entire operations. The team works closely with the customers to gain clear insight into their requirements and to offer the right solutions. Below is a brief overview of how the consulting services are usually carried out.

  • A proper discussion is held between the company and the client. The meeting will cover their exact technical requirements, goals, and objectives
  • A thorough analysis of the organization’s existing solutions is carried out to see if it is possible to migrate it to blockchain technology. A data-driven approach will reveal areas that can be upscaled using this technology
  • The different features offered by the client are effectively analyzed and looked into the impact made on them when introduced to a new technology
  • As everything falls into place, assistance is offered for product development, right from the UI/UX to the front-end, and back-end development

Leveraging the growing popularity of MVP

Techfriar helps its clientele scale growth by offering top-notch services in MVP development. There is now growing traction for MVP services in the market. Organizations can use these services to initially test out new business ideas and to attract potential investors. The experts at Techfriar are expertized in a range of frameworks to build stable and high-performing solutions. This is how the team helps the client in their MVP journey.

  • The team aims to launch the product as quickly as possible. After gathering valuable insights, the team works for fast and efficient product deployment
  • The next step will be finding users for the MVP. User feedback is essential to perfect any product. The faster organizations are able to get user reviews and incorporate them into the product, the faster the product can be modified with new features

A whopping 4 million eCommerce websites in the market are powered by Shopify.

Shopify is one of the favored platforms for building feature-rich and stable eCommerce sites. The Techfriar team will make the effort to know the client’s exact requirements, including whether it is for a B2B/B2C market or what integrations or plug-ins they wish to add, to make a perfect eCommerce site. The custom Shopify development services help businesses of every size to expand their online visibility. The experts at Techfriar focus on building intuitive and visually appealing eCommerce websites that are secure and can withstand high user traffic.

You may consult Techfriar’s expert assistance if you are looking to migrate to a solid and scalable eCommerce platform like Shopify. The team will efficiently oversee the migration process and makes sure there are no hiccups in the process. They will offer real-time updates of the process, allowing the client to be on the same page as them. 

For eCommerce websites looking for an upgrade, Techfriar is the right place to be. Customers can avail bespoke web applications and integrations and get expert assistance to take their business to the next level.

Staff augmentation has introduced higher productivity and flexibility in the business workspace.

Techfriar offers a wide talent pool, helping start-ups and enterprises upscale their business by availing the right talent without going through the nuisances of the onboarding process. Companies can choose the right fit from the pool and have them onboard as quickly as possible. The team will easily integrate with the client’s working culture, allowing the organization to focus on other demanding work.

Also, when availing Techfriar’s staff augmentation services, the client will not have to worry about the management hassles. The Techfriar team will strategically streamline staff management, payroll, benefits, and compliances to ensure the customers do not have to spare time for these tasks.

As described above, with these cutting-edge technologies, the Techfriar team is all prepped to take on new challenges and opportunities.

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