How to Fix Facebook App That Keeps Crashing on the iPhone?

Facebook has millions of users and on a daily basis, people use Facebook for many purposes, such as posting their life updates to engage with their close friends and relatives, people also use Facebook for advertising purposes or to showcase their talents and run a small business from the Facebook social media platform.

And if while operating Facebook; users face the issue of ‘Facebook is down; it can affect many users and to solve their problem, many methods are given below to fix the issue of Facebook crashing today.

Users must ensure that the Facebook app on the iPhone device is updated; and that the device has strong Internet and Network connections.

Ways to Fix the Issue of Facebook Keep Crashing on iPhone

1. Reset/reboot the iPhone device

To solve the issue of “Facebook crashing today”, users must always try to reboot their device as the first step; users must always go through this process for any device-related issue as many software glitches or bugs are fixed from this method and it most effective as well.

2. Update iOS to the latest version

In order to prevent Facebook from going down again, users must update their web browser, their operating system, and their anti-virus regularly to the latest version.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Facebook 

Uninstall and reinstall Facebook always works for the error that is facebook down today 2022. Its easy to delete the Facebook app and install it again. This method solves all facebook technical issues and also lets users re-install Facebook with the latest and updated version of Facebook. 

4. Factory Reset/ Force Reset the iPhone: 

Factory reset/force reset of the iPhone is the best solution for the issue: Facebook is down

This error may lead to the loss of some unsaved files but it is the best solution and users can also back up their data before resetting all apps and data running on the iPhone device.

5. Contact Facebook Help Centre 

The last step to solve the issue of ‘Facebook is down’: Users can try contacting the Facebook Help Center.

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