Best SunShades for Hatchback

If we traditionally define a hatchback then it is a car with two or four doors with an upward-flipping tailgate. However, modern hatchbacks have undergone a few changes to fit modern needs. That’s why it is now a vehicle with four doors and a hatch at the rear that opens. The design is derived from a two-box body that holds the engine and passengers or cargo.  It is designed with smoother lines, maximized space, and practicality. Modern hatchbacks are a class apart when it comes to visual appeal and functional value. However, it is important to accessorize the cars properly In order to benefit from their maximum efficiency. Car sun shades are one of the most vital car accessories as heat gain is a major issue in cars.

Constant exposure to the sun not only heats up the car and makes it inconvenient to use but also damages the plastic-based car features like the steering wheel, dashboards, and car console. Considering these issues, car sun protectors are considered a must-have accessory. We will discuss some of the best car sunshades for hatchbacks in this blog. Follow along to find the best window shades for your hatchback. 

Car Sunshade – An Intro 

We all have seen car sunshades. They do the same job for cars that sunscreen does for our screens. Just as we can’t imagine stepping out in the sun without sunscreen, you can’t think of taking the car out without the sun shades. The car window shields typically have a black mesh-like design. The material used in the design is quite dense to block off the rays of the sun. It helps prevent the adverse effects of heating on the car user as well as the car structure. Moreover, car shades also help conserve energy by lowering the interior temperature and taking up less energy to cool the car down.

Take a look below for recommendations on the top sunshade options available for your hatchback.

EcoNour Car Sun Shade

EcoNour car sunshades are high quality with affordable prices and are very easy to install. They are usually made from high-quality, nylon polyester material. You’ll be able to reduce your car’s temperature without blasting the air conditioning or worrying about burning your hands on hot steering wheels or seatbelts because these quality car window shade prevents heat and blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is lightweight but extremely durable, with a strong wireframe to keep it in place when you’re back in your car, and can be folded up and stored in the included pouch. It is available in a variety of sizes, so you will not have to worry about sunlight leaking through.

Sun Shade Umbrella

These are very handy sunshades for your car. These sunshades not only help you save your car but also make it easier to install and store them. When folded, it is about the same size as any collapsible umbrella, so you can easily tuck it in your door pocket or behind a seat. A single rectangular shade covers the entire windshield when the spring-loaded mechanism is clicked. Likewise, removing it is as simple as pulling it back and locking it into a storage position.

ENOVOE Window Sun Shade

It is a semi-transparent sun shade intended for the side windows and can be left on while driving. Despite blocking about 90 percent of UV rays and eliminating sunlight glare, the mesh fabric filter on this product allows for good outward visibility. Static cling is used to bond the outer rim to the glass, and by all accounts, it holds semi-permanently. Whenever you roll the window down, be careful not to tear the shade.

Roller Sun Shade

Roller sunshades come in compact storage sizes. This SafeTemp shade utilizes a see-through mesh filter similar to the Enovoe shade. Additionally, there is a roll-up storage mechanism that enables the window to be partially opened without having to remove the sun shades. There are two suction cups along the top and one at the bottom holding the shade in place. Over time, the suction cups may loosen and the shade may need to be reapplied.

Retractable Twing Foldable Sun Shade

The advantage of retractable sun shades is that you don’t have to constantly remove retractable sun shades from your car when they are not in use, which makes them a great choice for cars.  A pleated design allows the Twing Retractable Sun Shade to be retracted to one side whenever it isn’t in use. It attaches to your window with suction cups and easily extends to cover the entire surface. Your car will stay cool and shielded from UV rays thanks to its four thermal layers. A maximum length of 63 inches is possible for this sun shade, but it can be trimmed according to your need.

Collapsible ShineMatix Two-Piece Car Sun Shade

They are also one of the compact, easy-to-use, and affordable sun shades. It’s easy to store the ShineMatix Two-Piece Sun Shade because it folds into a small circle, wraps it with elastic straps, and tucks it into its carrying case. In its unfolded state, this sun shade is made up of two identical rectangles measuring 12 x 11 inches. It’s made from high-density nylon to protect your car against 99 percent of UV rays, and it comes in three sizes to fit your car’s window perfectly.

Concluding Note:

There are different Car Sun Shade options available that save your vehicle from overheating for an affordable price with an easy installation process. Other options are also available to you if you want to save space inside your vehicle. For a car’s sun shades, you need to look at the size, price (of course), visibility, and UV protection you get. 

The right choice will be revealed to you by your needs. 

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