What is a Laser Measuring Tape?

A laser measuring tape is an alternative to the standard form of measuring tape that is traditionally made out of metal. Laser measuring tapes are used in the calculation of heights, lengths and widths and are seen as being able to deliver accurate results up to about an eighth of an inch when measuring up to around three hundred feet. 

Laser measuring tapes are primarily used by the likes of architects, contractors, flooring professionals, insurance adjusters and those in other professions that require a great deal of measuring. Of course, laser tape measures can also be used around the house by homeowners with great ease. 

How to use a laser measuring tape

In order to make use of a laser measuring tape, the device should be placed on one end of the item to be measured and the laser beam aimed so that it hits the item on the opposite end. In the event that there is no obvious pole or wall or such, a target can be placed at the area that needs to be measured up to. 

The process is not dissimilar to making use of a traditional measuring tape only it is a laser that is being utilised rather than a metal tape. Once the laser is in the correct position, the button should be pressed and the distance will be calculated by the measuring tape and displayed on the screen. 

Laser physics and precision optics perform this calculation with the use of the phase-shift method, which sees a laser hitting an item and having its reflection compared with the beam that was sent out, or via the time-of-flight method that calculates the time it takes for the optical pulse to be reflected. There are also a number of laser measuring tapes that allow for multiple distances to be reflected and then added together automatically. 

Laser measuring tapes tend to be generally faster to use than is the case with traditional ones and avoid the mistakes that can result from tape measures that are sagging or have become twisted. It is also a lot easier to read the measurement in the form of a digital display than is the case when trying to count small lines on a measuring tape. Laser measuring tapes also remove the complications inherent in measuring the likes of high ceilings and other spaces that are difficult to reach physically. 

For many people who have to make measurements on a daily basis and to whom simplicity and accuracy are of great importance, laser measuring tapes have become their go-to device.

Laser measuring tapes are also very simple to use and very affordable, making them much more competitive next to traditional metal measuring tapes. These tools are used by everyone from carpenters and painters to patio builders and remodelers for the purpose of taking quick and accurate measurements and removing the need for guesswork.

Laser measuring tapes also often have subtraction and addition features to allow for speedy calculations to be made. 

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