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What Is TeeVax?

TeeVax is a local Santa Rosa business, founded in 1949 by Richard E. Montague. He was instrumental in revitalizing Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square. Before Montague’s business began operating, the area was known as “skid row.” He renovated the historic Lee Brothers building on Fourth and Wilson, the first large commercial building in the city rebuilt after the earthquake of 1906.

Story of TeeVax

“TeeVax” stands for Television, Video, and Appliance Center. Despite its name, it closed all stores except for one in Santa Rosa, California. Although the company no longer sells products, it offers installation and service for electronics and appliances. Read on to find out more about TeeVax.

TeeVax was tested in AlbPLG1 mouse-invasive disease model. Although its effectiveness in this model is unclear, it showed that it targets pili. The vaccine contains five conserved GAS antigens. Although the company continues to research the effectiveness of TeeVax in this animal model, preliminary data suggest that the product may offer some protection against GAS.

The original TeeVax vaccine, TeeVax1, was constructed using a cloning strategy. This vaccine showed promising results in protecting against the influenza virus. The next version, TeeVax2, was constructed using a similar approach, but the N-terminal domain of T4 was replaced with the full-length T13. The fusion protein yield was three times higher than the previous version, and the antibody was able to protect the host from influenza.

TeeVax was originally located on Lower Fourth Street in Santa Rosa. After establishing the business, Monty Montague helped revitalize the area by forming the Historic Railroad Square Association and working with the city on a revitalization plan. In the 1980s, he bought a rundown building that was used as a warehouse and bar. This property was renovated and now houses the TeeVax store.

TeeVax proteins were used in rabbit immunization studies. Antisera were measured by ELISA against a panel of 21 full-length recombinant T-antigens. Antisera that produced specific antibodies to TeeVax2 and TeeVax3 T-antigens were detected by the rabbit immune system. The antiserum produced minimal cross-reactivity to other two-domain T-antigens. TeeVax proteins are highly accessible and are an attractive vaccine target


Ceefax Home Appliance & Kitchen Center is located at 422 Wilson Street. This store has been serving Santa Rosa residents for nearly 70 years. The store has a full line of appliances and installation services. It is also a member of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions or need to order an item, please contact them directly at (707) 747-5377 or email customer service.

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen remodeling project or just looking for a new appliance, you’ll find everything you need at TeeVax Home Appliance & Kitchen Center. The store is locally owned and operated and is proud to serve Sonoma County residents. The Montague family, who owns the store, restored the historic Lee Brothers building to open a full appliance and kitchen center. Since opening their doors, they’ve remained an active member of the community, including the historic Railroad Square district.

Service department

The TeeVax service department is your one-stop shop for appliance repair. This local company has been trusted by generations of North Bay residents and can handle any appliance issue. Whether you need a new oven or a dishwasher, or you’re planning a complete bath remodel, you can rely on TeeVax to take care of the problem.

Omega Cabinetry dealer

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to find a local dealer who sells Omega Cabinetry. You’ll find that these experts are knowledgeable and committed to creating the perfect design. These experts will provide you with recommendations, input, and design suggestions, as well as quote and order custom cabinets based on your design and budget.

When it comes to choosing the right Omega Cabinetry dealer, look for a company that serves the Santa Rosa, CA market. They should be able to provide you with design ideas and assist you with the financing process. They should be able to answer any questions you may have and make the process as stress-free as possible.

A trusted Omega Cabinetry dealer can also offer complete remodeling services. Their experienced designers have 20 years of experience and will guide you through the remodeling process to ensure your dream kitchen is a reality. Located in Santa Rosa, California, USA, Kitchen Design Center by TeeVax is an Omega Cabinetry dealer that provides design consultations and remodeling advice.


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