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What Do You Carry On A MOLLE Vest?

The MOLLE vest serves as a vest for tactical use designed to handle the most difficult conditions, the roughest terrain, and situations in which one has to be skilled in tactical matters. MOLLE is a short form for “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment” Its pronunciation is similar to Molly’s. Molly is an absolute popular choice among tactical forces as well as self-defense enthusiasts all across the globe.

MOLLE is extremely well-known due to its modular design. It permits a wearer to select the items they’ll be carrying and where exactly the chest rig will be. If the wearer of the MOLLE vest is left-handed, they can set their flashlight, weapon, or radio at the comfiest place that is possible. Police, military private security, as well as fire departments also use MOLLE to protect their equipment. Check here for more information.

How A Molle Vest Works?

MOLLE is a system that stitches thick nylon fabric panels into tactical vests, bags, and backpacks. These loops are durable and provide versatility for users to put their equipment in the locations that best suit their requirements.

How Do You Create MOLLE Vests?

Ah my… The process of setting up the MOLLE vest(or the plate carrier, as it’s sometimes called) is an individual choice, and asking what to do, is similar to the question “how should you cook eggs?”. I, for one, am an uncluttered person. I prefer to pack as little equipment as I can each time I head out.

Before I proceed I’d like to highlight my top MOLLE vest that is available which is the Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier. I believe the MOLLE vests must begin with the question what are you doing? When I was in The Middle East(almost 20 years back) we carried grenades, bullets, and grenades. But we were fair in that we carried ALICE equipment, not MOLLE equipment.

Tips for Using Molle Gear

The proper assembly of MOLLE-compatible equipment requires time. However, these suggestions can help you connect your equipment more effectively:

  • To attach multiple straps or sticks make sure you weave both straps across the nylon webbing in the same way. The MOLLE straps and sticks are incredibly rigid, so switching between the straps and sticks when you’re weaving may simplify the process.
  • Be sure to not skimp over any webbing when weaving your straps and sticks through each row to make sure your gear is as secure as you can. Make use of all the webbing that you can find on your equipment as well as on your backpack or vest.
  • It’s possible to make use of ALICE clips in conjunction with MOLLE equipment, but these clips aren’t as robust or flexible as modern MOLLE-compatible equipment. If you’re left with an option, avoid ALICE and go with MOLLE instead.

MOLLE isn’t difficult to operate however it takes time to set up. If you’ve learned how MOLLE operates (and how to connect your accessories correctly) it will be able to equip you with the equipment you require for the next adventure and beyond.

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