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Console Table 90x30x75 cm Solid Mango Wood

If you are looking for a rustic console table from utopiahome.com.au, look no further than this solid mango wood piece. Made with great care and craftsmanship, it will fit in seamlessly with your interior. You’ll love its rustic style and solid mango wood construction, with its brown streaks and golden highlights. Every step of the woodworking process is carried out with care, which adds to its spectacular retro style. This piece of furniture also features a powder-coated steel frame to enhance its industrial style.

Solid Mango Wood Console Table

A solid mango wood console table is a timeless addition to any interior design. Its rough grain and solid construction give it a rustic charm and a sturdy surface for placing decorative items. Mango wood is a dense and robust hardwood with beautiful golden and brown streaks. Each step of the manufacturing process is meticulously carried out to create a unique piece of furniture. The powder-coated steel frame also gives it a sturdy and industrial look.

This console table comes with 2 drawers and is easy to assemble. A wall attachment device prevents it from being knocked over. The table has a free delivery option to UK destinations. However, it is not available for Click-and-Collect. To return a product, you must initiate the returns process within fifteen days of receiving it.

Made of solid mango wood

Mango wood is a renewable resource that comes from trees harvested for their fruit. It is hard and dense enough to be used for heavy furniture but soft enough to work with by hand or machine. Mango wood is also less harmful to the environment. Mango trees are considered eco-friendly, as they are often harvested for their lumber after their fruit-bearing life cycle has ended.

Mango wood is widely available and is not as expensive as oak, teak, and walnut. It can be sourced from countries in Asia and the Pacific. Its natural durability is mediocre, but modern wood processing manufacturers have been able to improve it. This makes it perfect for household furniture and other heavy objects.

Mango wood has a distinctive grain pattern that is characterized by straight, interlocking lines. Its primary color is a light golden brown. Spalting, which is caused by a fungus growing in the heartwood, can produce distinctive patterns and colors. It is often used for furniture, ukuleles, veneers, and plywood.

The distinctive texture and grain of mango wood make it an excellent choice for making furniture. Mango wood is soft and easy to shape. It has a natural anti-parasitic ability that makes it ideal for use in kitchens and outdoor furniture. However, mango wood is susceptible to drying out and cracking if it is exposed to extreme heat and sunlight. This makes it important to regularly apply furniture polish to keep it moist.

Mango wood is derived from a tree that grows in Southern Asia. It is considered the national fruit of several countries in this region. Mango trees need a high humidity level all year to grow properly. This creates the conditions for a special fungus to grow in the wood, which gives the wood its characteristic color.


The golden finish and sturdy steel frame of this console table make it a beautiful addition to your living room. Mango wood is a dense hardwood with beautiful brown and golden streaks that make it an ideal choice for a console table. The wood grains and craftsmanship make each piece of furniture unique, and the powder-coated steel frame adds an industrial feel. The piece is made in Italy and comes with instructions for assembling it yourself.

This table has two drawers to provide ample storage space and tidy the room. Each piece of furniture is unique and colors and wood grain will vary slightly. This item is not eligible for Click and Collect. We are unable to guarantee delivery time for this item, so please allow a few days for delivery.

90x30x75 cm

If you are looking for a classic piece of furniture that will spruce up your interior, you should consider a solid mango wood console table. This natural wood is dense and robust, and the brown and golden streaks that can be seen on the surface make it a very attractive piece. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully carried out, and the end result is a piece of furniture that is sure to be a conversation piece in any room. It also features a powder-coated steel frame that adds to its industrial look.

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