Buying a New AC: Top 3 Factors to Determine the Perfect Size

The question – “how much AC do I need” can drive homeowners crazy, especially if they are purchasing for the first time. At first, one might think going overboard with air conditioning is hard. But, as it turns out, buying a machine with no idea of what you are buying might end up costing you more than you need.

The point here is that – what you purchase might end up being oversized or undersized. HVAC experts in Sevierville, TN, might provide some light on what the suitable buy will be.

Sevierville is a city located on the eastern side of Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a place of local interest. It has waterfalls, forests, and a beautiful landscape.

However, summer temperatures are not that appealing in Sevierville. Average temperatures can climb over 87-90°F (30-32°C). Rarely it even climbs up to 90°F. Regardless, it is the humidity that frustrates the most. On summer days, people experience 90% humidity all day.

Therefore, it’s obvious that air conditioning is a necessity in households. These three factors might help you make a good purchase.

Air Conditioning for Rooms – Factor #1

ACs are measured by their cooling capacities in BTUs per hour. BTU is the abbreviated form of British Thermal Unit. It is a measurement showing how much heat the cooling machine can remove from the surrounding air within an hour.

Therefore, to cool a room adequately, one needs to measure its size first. The best formula is to take the square-foot size of the room and multiply it by 20. The result you get will be the recommended BTU for the cooling unit.

However, a rule of thumb to follow is always to buy a slightly higher BTU unit than what you need. After all, the room will have lights, and people gathering in it, which are some of the things that heat the room.

Air Conditioning for the Entire House – Factor #2

Open-floor spaces will need a higher BTU to ensure the entire area is cooled. On average, you need around 12,500 BTU. But it depends on the square footage of your home or the area concerned.

Those looking for a central AC unit can choose to buy it considering the area and layout of the house. Ensure that the air from the cooling unit can flow freely through every corner of the house without or with very few barriers. Also, like other rooms, the amount of BTUs required can be determined by multiplying the house size by 20.

The Location of the House – Factor #3

This is another critical aspect to consider when buying an AC machine. The local climate has a definite role in determining whether the house needs a more powerful machine.

Talking of Sevierville, the city resembles Tennessee’s Humid Subtropical climatic pattern. Therefore, one can expect the summer months to be pretty hot, humid, and uncomfortable. So, it is wise to invest in a machine slightly more potent than what your house needs.

Final Words

One needs to remember that just buying an air conditioning machine alone won’t do it. Like any other electronic item, this also needs periodical maintenance and servicing. You can connect with the best HVAC experts in Sevierville, TN, to receive exceptional support, maintenance, and repair solutions. Research and find out such a professional and reputed service provider.

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