Exness Bonus: Does Exness Have Bonuses?

Yes, Exness offers a signup bonus to attract new customers. When you join a new Exness account, you can receive a $10 welcome bonus. The only need is that you to confirm your email and phone numbers. You can get the exness bonus by just following the simple steps. Exness keeps giving other perks in addition to this one. These bonuses may be determined using the following methodology:

The Proportion of the net deposit

The client’s original deposit is the net deposit, less whatever money they may have taken out. Occasionally, Exness will give out bonuses that are calculated as a percentage of the net deposit. For instance, your bonus would be $1 if your net deposit was $20 and you received a 5% bonus.

Percentage of traded volume

The total number of units traded by the client over a predetermined period is the volume traded. You may be eligible for a bonus calculated as a percentage of the volume traded, depending on the bonus type.

Let’s say that Exness provides the following bonus:


Volume eligible for crediting/bonus: 1 lot

You cancel your 2 lots EURUSD order. Since there is a 2 USD bonus on EURUSD, you will receive a bonus of $4. Since Exness rounds off the lots when computing bonuses if your order closed on 2.1 lots, you wouldn’t receive any bonus for the extra 0.1 lots. The exness minimum deposit is $10 and its benefit for everyone.

But this 0.1 will still be used and calculated in the following lot. For instance, if your order for 0.9 lots of XAUUSD is closed. Since XAUUSD and EURUSD belong to the same group, the additional 0.9 will be added to your current 0.1. You will have one lot in your total, and the bonus will be $2.

Regulations for bonus distribution in Exness

The Exness brokerage company’s policies and general user agreement apply to the accumulation of bonuses. The bonus is only available to registered customers with Pro and Standard accounts;

You must register your account within the time frame outlined in the promotion’s restrictions to receive the bonus. An account cannot participate in the promotion if it is created earlier or later than the specified period. The exness minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal is same as of $10.

Make sure to validate registration at your place of residence, provide passport photos, and verify the account;

There is no direct withdrawal option for bonus money from the account. The received funds must be applied to trading activities according to the prescribed percentage;

The bonuses will be saved if a customer switches the account type while still having bonuses on his account. The user’s profile on the Exness website can be used to track bonuses.

Exness 2021 existing bonuses

The broker provides a number of incentive goods so that the client can feel comfortable trading. Requests for free VPS hosting can be made by any traders who have at least $500 (or the equivalent in the account currency) on their account.

A virtual private server’s stability, high speed, and mobility allow it to maintain a constant connection to the trading server. The account must have at least USD 100 in it while processing the VPS connection request. The VPS hosting will be suspended if the account has not been utilized in a significant amount of time. The promotion is valid through December 31, 2021;

If the deposit requirements are met, Exness customers can fund their accounts and withdraw money without paying a broker’s commission;

Users of standard accounts are eligible for a trading bonus. Depending on the currency pair chosen for trading, a trader can earn up to 16 USD for each lot of completed trades. The promotion is available until April 21, 2022. The received funds must be utilized in subsequent transactions and cannot be withdrawn;

The offer of +10% for each deposit is still available to traders with Pro accounts. The transfer amount will be 10% higher to the registered Pro account. Offer valid for accounts created before 2016. Money received cannot be taken out immediately. The incentive has to be applied to deal with a specific ratio. Conclusion\Bonuses Although Exness can be considered modest, frequent clients of a brokerage firm can benefit from free VPS hosting, no commissions, and restricted bonuses for trading currency pairs.

You must register on the Exness website, be validated, and adhere to the promotion’s terms to receive the bonus. The bonuses are meant to be used further in trading and are not intended for direct withdrawal to an external account.

The benefits could be capped in some regions, like Exness Singapore.

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