Charleston, South Carolina: More Than Just a Great Dance

There are countless reasons to love Charleston, South Carolina, yet when many people hear this city’s name, all they can think about is the dance! Whether you’re from the south or you’re considering moving here, there are countless things that make Charleston magical with no music at all.

These are the top things that could intrigue anyone into moving here and why this city is a dream come true!

1. Awesome Food

There’s nothing like the food in Charleston. Although all southern cooking is great, Charleston pushes out more fantastic chefs than any other city. Many make jokes that they only looked at Charleston houses for sale because they had incredible shrimp and grits or they loved the hush puppies they had at a specific restaurant here.  

The food is made with love and some of the freshest ingredients that a restaurant could access, which boosts the flavor to something fantastic. The beautiful scenery here simply adds another layer to it!

2. A Long and Interesting History

Being part of the south means Charleston has a history that comes with pain and rough edges. Although it can be overwhelming to dive into all of the horrors people have dealt with and gone through here, it’s important to learn this history in order for us to stop it from happening again.

Charleston is open about its past and has multiple museums about the trades that formed this city, as well as the importance of the Civil Rights movement.

3. The Wonderful Southern Charm

Southern charm is a sense of community, giving, and sharing in cultures, beliefs, and love. In Charleston, you’ll be amazed at how many people will wave as you drive by or the number of people who will greet you as a friend, even if this is the first time you’ve interacted.  

Of course, not everyone is perfect, but if you’re from a large city, you’ll fall in love with how sweet and welcoming most of the locals are here.

4. Beautiful Beaches and Shorelines

Beaches and ocean shorelines are often seen as the most beautiful scenery to live in: so why not make the most of it? Living in Charleston gives you the opportunity to enjoy walking on the sand every weekend or swimming in the tide with your kids whenever they want to go to the beach. Having access to the beach may allow you to spend more time outside in fresh air and nature.

5. The Chance to Find a Balance

More Americans say they’re lacking a work-life balance now than ever before. This can be stressful and will lead to burnout and exhaustion in no time. Instead of dealing with that, moving to Charleston gives you the opportunity to find balance and enjoy having work and play time without struggling with picking one over the other. 

Charleston Will Steal Your Heart

Whether you’re considering moving here for a change in scenery or you simply want to live somewhere with warmer winters, Charleston is a winner. Consider moving to this fantastic city the next time you want to start fresh.

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