Enhance Your Business IT Experience: 5 Benefits of IT Support Services

Thanks to advancements in technology, IT support services have become increasingly popular. How do IT support services enhance business?

As technologies such as the internet, personal computing and more recently, the cloud, have developed to be ubiquitous, many functions within business have been transformed. A notable example would be the agreed model for IT support. Where the IT support of most organisations used to be based on a break-fix model, the demand for cutting edge IT support has become more realistic as people’s expectations of technology have grown. We spoke with TechQuarters, who are a London-based IT support provider. Having specialised in small business IT support in London for over 10 years, they were able to describe some of the key ways that IT support services benefit businesses.

The Importance of IT Support Services in Modern Business

Considering how intrinsically linked business and technology have now become, it is plain to see how important support is in modern business. IT is the backbone of the modern organization, and thus, someone needs to ensure that everything is running smoothly, so that the business itself can continue running smoothly.

Many businesses these days do not have their own in-house IT support. Instead, they work with professional IT support providers – such as TechQuarters. They provide services such as helpdesk support, site callouts, network and server monitoring, and many others that help keep businesses’ IT infrastructure ticking over as they need to be. Some of the key benefits of IT support services like this include…

  • Streamlined Operations and Increased Efficiency

Working with a professional IT support company can help organizations streamline their operations. There are a number of ways that IT support providers manage this. We asked TechQuarters what aspects their business IT support London businesses see the most benefit from in terms of efficiency of operations. Below are two examples they gave us:

  1. Round-the-clock monitoringof customers’ network and services enables them to react to issues in real-time, and minimize organisational downtime.
  2. Software and resource optimizationcan help customers maintain more efficient workflows and processes.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures

Nowadays, cybersecurity is a must-have function in business. It used to be that only bigger businesses fell victim to cyber-attacks. These days, any business is a target, and so all must be vigilant. We asked TechQuarters about the security measures companies like them can offer.

  1. Threat detection and prevention can be implemented. TechQuarters, for instance, has set many customers up with Microsoft Defender, which provides them with ATP, and many other security measures.
  2. Security updates and patch managementmust be performed regularly to maintain the integrity of the software organisations use. IT providers like TechQuarters can take responsibility for this.
  3. Backup and Disaster Recoverycan improve business’ resilience to attacks on their data.
  • Expertise and Technical Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of a professional IT support service is that expertise and knowledge customers get from their provider. IT service providers are an attractive employer for IT talent, because they have the resources and industry connections to nurture IT career development. For example, TechQuarters has provided IT support for Estate Agents, and many other types of business, as the client’s sole source of support. Many businesses are opting to outsource their support completely because they get access to high-quality general IT knowledge, and specialist expertise, on-demand and usually at no extra cost.

  • Cost Savings and Scalability

The cost efficiency of professional IT support services has been cited time and time again by many companies around the world. IT providers can help clients cut costs in a number of ways:

  1. Reductions in IT infrastructure costs can be achieved when businesses migrate to the cloud – this is an increasingly common service sought by businesses, and provides by IT companies.
  2. Predictable and controlled IT expenditure is a natural by-product of businesses outsourcing their IT management to a service.
  3. IT services can be easily scaled when business’ demand increases. Unlike businesses with in-house IT, IT providers do not need to invest in additional staff and resources before

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