How Locals Spend their life in Dubai

The city of Dubai has long been a popular vacation spot for tourists worldwide. Thanks to its beautiful architecture, Dubai desert Safari, luxurious hotels, and high-quality service the people living there. Dubai is also known for its soft-spoken yet hierarchical solid leadership of the UAE. Here are some tips on spending your life in Dubai as a local.

Daily Routine

Dubai is known for its exotic food. However, it does not mean that people here eat only Arabian Food. People living in Dubai like to try out different cuisines and enjoy their life with friends and family. Most people living here are pretty health-conscious and keep visiting gyms to stay fit. 

Apart from eating, sleeping is also necessary, which can be done by taking at least 10 hours of daily sleep to help your body recover fully. This ensures you build up mental stamina along with good concentration throughout the day.

Family Time

People might be surprised to hear that Dubai is considered one of the happiest places in the world because children here are allowed to live a carefree life. They are given the freedom to choose whichever career they want, whether they are astronauts, scientists, or singers. 

They need to pursue their interests with complete dedication and hard work. Parents also allow their children to make decisions about their lives as long as they don’t go against family values.

About Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the important festivals celebrated in Dubai every year between May and June, where all population of the Islamic religion fast from dawn till sunset for 30 days without eating, drinking, or smoking. 

During this time, Muslim people visit each other’s houses, share food, and celebrate Eid together after 30 days of fasting, encouraging a sense of brotherhood within themselves.

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Culture & Tradition

Most of the locals still follow their old culture and traditions where men prefer wearing lungi with kurta pajama while women wear the traditional saree. Most of these people usually get married at an early age to help them settle down easily. 

The lifestyle here is quite different than any other country. Couples enjoy dating by walking along the beachside or at romantic restaurants or going out on dinner dates. This helps build strong relationships between couples, leading their way into matrimony.

Places To Visit

People living in Dubai visit many places to explore the beauty of their country. The most popularly visited destinations are:

Dubai Creek: 

A man-made waterway between old and new towns to connect both parts by boats.

Shindagha Tunnel: 

This tunnel connects old and new parts of Dubai and allows people to travel from Burj Khalifa to another side.

Al Maktoum Bridge: 

It is a bridge that was completed in 2007, linking up Jaddaf with Business Bay on Sheikh Zayed Road. This landmark plays an important role in the transportation system in Dubai.

Skydive Dubai: 

People love jumping out from planes, which lets them enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole city and feel like they’re free-falling in the air.

Dubai Creek Golf Course: 

This course was designed by Graham Marsh and ranked top among the top 10 golf courses in UAE worldwide.

Wild Wadi Water Park: 

People love visiting such kinds of places to relax and enjoy along with family and friends at any time.

Dubai Desert safari: 

This Dubai desert safari takes you on a dune bashing drive to enjoy the beauty of deserts and visit attractions like sunset view, museum & traditional dancing show.

Dubai Ice Rink: 

They visit the ice rink occasionally to enjoy skating or play ice hockey with family and friends. People usually make their skates by using household tools like knives etc.

Camel Race Track:

 People love watching camel racing which enables them to get closer to their Arabian culture and tradition. 

Deira City Centre Mall: 

This mall has all kinds of stores where you can find everything on your mind, and this mall is the more preferred choice of locals to shop for electronics, home décor, jewelers, etc.

Mall Of Emirates: 

People love visiting malls with all kinds of outlets offering exclusive deals at discounted prices.

Dubai Museum:

This museum showcases many things about UAE’s cultural and traditional background, and people love visiting such museums to know about their culture.

Global Village: 

This is a theme park where you can find the cultures and traditions of other countries and enjoy the vibe of the entire world all around. From real-sized dinosaurs to huge swings to watching the birds-eye view of the whole city, this place offers everything for entire family entertainment.


Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Dubai or explore its rich culture, you will find many things to do and enjoy there. Every place has its significance and a lot to offer.

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